44 Fishermans BendThis opulent designer house is set amongst the granite boulders of Llandudno.

The original site was occupied by a modest structure which was demolished to make way for this impressive house. In addition to the reinforced concrete structural design, Kantey & Templer also carried out the design of the lateral support and intricate rock-bolting that secures the granite boulders.

The house has five levels together with an adjoined flat at the back of the site. The various levels are terraced back into the mountainside and built into the boulders. A funicular runs up the side of the house. Magnificent sunset vistas are viewed from the numerous cantilever balconies, while the same view can also be admired from the pool which is perched on the side of a large granite boulder.

The intricacies of the site and the many different terraced levels required numerous site inspections to ensure that what had been designed would work with what was to be found on site. The construction of No. 44 Fisherman’s Bend took some time, but this was time well spent in achieving the end result.