Kantey & Templer has always been an equal opportunity employer and we continue to encourage all members of our staff (of which nearly 40% are from previously disadvantaged communities) to excel in their specific disciplines.
  • Our policy is thus:
  • •  Encourage and advance all employees to their full potential.
  • •  Continue to have a dynamic management structure, thereby opening up opportunities for all our employees for advancement
       (the average age of the directors of our firm is under 50).
  • •  Continue to sponsor further education and training with ongoing mentorships within the company.
  • •  Continue to expose our technical staff to all divisions within our firm in order to avoid stagnation within a particular discipline
       and ensure the broadest possible exposure to all spheres of engineering.
  • •  Continue to have an “open door” policy thus encouraging communication amongst all.
  • •  Employ new staff from previously disadvantaged communities in order to achieve a balance of personnel reflective of
       the demographics of the country.
  • •  Foster team spirit and unity amongst our staff by means of regular social and sporting events.
  • •  Giving just reward for the performance expected.


The Kantey & Templer Bursary and Educational Assistance Scheme has been created to provide financial assistance for the study of civil, mechanical or electrical engineering at tertiary level for persons who, through proven academic performance and personal circumstances, are considered deserving of support. Applications from previously disadvantaged individuals are encouraged.

Kantey & Templer award bursaries in excess of R900,000 per annum on average for study at tertiary institutions in South Africa.  Some 80% of this amount is awarded to historically disadvantaged individuals.

Applications for financial assistance can be considered for study at any South African university or university of technology offering BSc degrees or technical diplomas in civil, mechanical or electrical engineering. Bursaries are normally provided for a first degree or diploma and could include the first year of study. Applications by students who have already successfully completed at least one year of tertiary study and have thus proven their academic ability, are preferred. Bursaries are awarded for one academic year at a time, but can be extended to subsequent years if academic performance is satisfactory.

The value of any approved bursary will be decided upon based on the merits of the application and on the costs of the course of study to be followed. It would normally include the full amount of academic fees as well as an allowance towards the cost of books or other study materials. Only in exceptional cases would the value include an accommodation allowance.

Payment towards the costs of academic fees will be made directly to the academic institution concerned against submission of a VAT invoice issued in the name of Kantey & Templer (Pty) Ltd. Any book allowance which may have been awarded will be paid to the bursar.

Successful applicants will be required to be available to work at an office of Kantey & Templer for a period of at least twelve months for each year a bursary had been awarded. Such period of employment would normally be after successful completion of the degree or diploma. In the case of University of Technology students having received a bursary for their first two semesters, that period would be part of their experiential training period. Successful applicants may also be required to work at the office of Kantey & Templer nearest to their home during the mid-year and year-end academic vacation periods. Remuneration for any periods worked will be determined by Kantey & Templer and shall take account of market conditions at the time and the individual’s stage of study.

Application forms can be downloaded from our website or requested from our Cape Town office by e-mail or phone 021 405 9600.

Applications to be submitted together with the necessary supporting documents to the Bursary Committee, Kantey & Templer (Pty) Ltd, P O Box 3132, Cape Town, 8000 or e-mail or fax 021 419 6774 on or before 30 September of the year prior to the year of study.

The award of a bursary will only be confirmed after submission to Kantey & Templer of the relevant year-end academic results of the prior year’s study.




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